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Why we started this business

I had ideas, the motivation, tools and no direction! So I thought.. I talked about it for years and then 2020 happened. January was rough. I had complete strangers walk right up to me and tell me that "The Lord sent them to me and that it was my time to work!" I went on vacation and in the middle of the concert the artist started preaching saying "Someone here needs to hear this!" I received a random letter to my home saying "God is ready for you to stop sitting on your talents!" Everyday in January I would wait for the next confirmation and sure enough I got one.

February 1, 2020. I waited for the next message but to my surprise I didn't get one. Around the end of February a sister/ friend and I had dinner. As we talked she questioned whether I had made any progress from talking about it years before.. I told her about my January experience... She said "Whoa! How much more confirmation do you need. Here I am asking and you're receiving. I give you three months to get things up and running. Three!" With tears in my eyes I accepted the challenge and things begin to flow...

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